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Byron Talbott's Bermuda Culinary Adventure: Sustainable Farming

Chef and vlogger Byron Talbott heads to Bermuda with his wife for an unforgettable getaway, exploring the culture, food and atmosphere of the Jewel of the Atlantic. What he found was positively inspiring.

Island Farm Tour

Chef Byron and his wife settle into the beautiful Rosewood Bermuda, one of the island’s most scenic and luxurious resorts. Then they head out to meet with Tom Wadson, a local farmer who owns Wadson’s Farm. The farm is dedicated to sustainable farming, humane livestock harvesting and quality agricultural techniques.

Byron is impressed with Tom’s “fiercely Bermudian” sensibility. “He’s really involved with the community and making sure that he represents Bermuda as best as he can.

Wadson's Farm is dedicated to sustainable farming and humane livestock harvesting.

Next, they venture to the Honey Bee House, where Randolph Furber teaches them pretty much everything you can know about honeybees. Did you know? One-third of everything you eat is the direct or indirect result of bee pollination.

Day Cruise & Bermudian Lunch

After their crash course in all things honey, the couple enjoys a day cruise out on Bermuda’s famous turquoise waters and a three-course, Bermudian-inspired lunch. Chef Samantha Crue dazzles them with a bottle of champagne and some “insanely delicious” fish cakes, a very cool twist on a Caesar salad, and for dessert a hibiscus jam with vanilla panna cotta.

A Locally Sourced Dinner

Byron’s final culinary adventure takes him to The Reefs Resort & Club, where he meets up with Chef Doug Sisk. Using locally sourced ingredients, Doug creates a fun take on risotto and makes chicken two ways. Passion, connecting to your local community, doing what you love and doing it well – that’s what Byron finds on his first day in Bermuda. 

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This video is part of Bermuda's Tastemade video series, which features three globetrotting food-lovers exploring Bermuda. After following along with Byron Talbott, join Kevin of and food journalist Katie Quinn as they uncover the best of Bermuda.