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From the shipwrecked sailors of the Sea Venture to the 35th America's Cup and beyond, sailing and Bermuda have long been a match made in heaven.

The island's geography, wind and natural beauty make it a popular place to set sail. A passionate sailing community and BTA's professional sporting events team also help make Bermuda an obvious choice for a sailing event of any size – from pinnacle, professional or amateur competitions, to clinics and conferences that focus on sailing.

Embark on the sailing event of a lifetime out here.

How Bermuda Will Make Your Sailing Event Next-Level

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Bermuda Sailing Essentials
Bermuda Tall Ships Festival
Climate & Conditions

From Bermuda's founding by survivors of the wreck of the Sea Venture to the subsequent invention of the Bermuda rig, sailing is engrained in local history and culture. And it's no wonder. Moderate temperatures, calm waters and variable winds make Bermuda a near-perfect sailing spot any time of year. Varying wind conditions can challenge even the most advanced of sailors, especially in winter months. You will want to be mindful of the weather, of course, and seasonal precipitation patterns (here is an in-depth look at Bermuda's weather). Given the island's mild seasonal fluctuations you'll want to check average temperatures as you decide what to pack and wear

Sailing Bermuda's Great Sound in America's Cup 2017
Where to Sail

The site of America's Cup in 2017, Bermuda's Great Sound is free from strong waves and currents thanks to its only entrance from the water being protected by a stretch of coral reef extending from Royal Naval Dockyard to Stovell Bay. Ocean breezes combine with these waters to create some of the best sailing conditions on the planet. It's not just geographic position that makes it ideal: Great Sound is also absolutely stunning. View a sample course map.

Vessel Capacity

Bermuda is full of marinas, yacht clubs and other facilities that offer dockage. In all, the amount of berths Bermuda's yacht clubs and marinas offer numbers well into the hundreds. A full-service facility established in 1844, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club offers 130 berths and can accommodate yachts up to 150 feet in length. The marina at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club features 60 berths and can handle vessels ranging from small boats to 600-foot superyachts. In Royal Naval Dockyard, Pier 41 Marina accommodates ships up to 130 feet. Island-wide, Bermuda Yacht Services offers custom berthing as well as mooring assistance wherever you are.

Sailing Event Logistics
Overhead one of the teams from America's Cup 2017
Clearing Customs

Getting into Bermuda is a breeze for most, assuming they've got all the proper documentation – namely a valid, machine-readable passport. Everyone entering Bermuda's waters must obtain an Immigration, Customs and Health clearance. Visiting vessels must contact Bermuda Radio, which will guide them into St. George's Harbour and direct them to the Customs clearance berthing. The Customs boarding officer normally carries out clearance for all three departments and brings all documents required for clearance on board. The officer will also collect a tax of $35 USD from each person on board. See more guidelines for getting to Bermuda by private vessel.

Bermuda's Cup Sailing Event
Regulations & Enforcement

The Bermuda Department of Marine and Ports Services regulates commercial and recreational boat traffic in island waterways. Learn more about rules and regulations and find news and updates on the Marine and Ports Services website.

Infrastructure & Amenities

The island offers an array of professional services for those getting to Bermuda by boatBermuda's yacht clubs and marinas have many amenities. Here are just some: The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club offers electricity, free Wi-Fi, food and drink, laundry, showers and full catering service. The marina at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club features water, electric service, pump-out facilities, high-speed internet, marina concierge and more. In Royal Naval DockyardPier 41 Marina features secure gate access, fuel, pump-out service by truck and private shower facilities. Island-wide, Bermuda Yacht Services can provides technical services, fueling, visa assistance, courier service and more.

Smooth Sailing with BTA
The crowds roar during America's Cup in 2017
Planning & Promotion

We aren't just here to help you plot your course – we want your sailing event to be unforgettable. That is why we hope to partner with you as you work out the final details as well as in promoting your event to potential sponsors, participants and/or spectators in the days leading up to it. Whether it's helping arrange related events, connecting you to essential on-island resources like marinas and local authorities or using some of our digital footprint to help spread awareness of your event to locals and visitors alike, BTA is equipped to provide the professional services your event deserves.

Meeting the locals at the village at Americas Cup 2017
Community Connections

With a population of around 65,000, Bermuda is small enough that members of the local sailing community make up a tight-knit network of passionate enthusiasts. That includes everyone from Endeavour Community Sailing, a nonprofit focused on teaching science, technology, engineering, arts and math to Bermudian youth through sailing, to the friends you'll make at places like St. George's Dinghy & Sports Club. BTA aims to connect you and your event's participants to the local community, which not only provides crucial insider knowledge during the events, but can also spark lifelong friendships. 

Event Execution

Over the course of your event, we'll be here for you. Whether that means connecting sailors to key on-island resources or providing still photography as well as videography of the boats as their crews guide them through Bermuda's brilliant turquoise waters, BTA will be anywhere and everywhere on the island you need us to be, when you need us to be there, from launch to trophy ceremony. 

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Sir Russell Coutts of America's Cup 2017

I've been coming to Bermuda since 1989 and have gotten to know the island and the Bermuda spirit well. Understanding how Bermudians often punch above their weight and how they operate, we had no doubt they would be great partners in delivering an amazing event – from infrastructure to hospitality. It's a beautiful island, a brilliant sailing venue and it gave us the platform to stage a truly magnificent America's Cup.

Sir Russell Coutts


Former CEO, America's Cup Event Authority

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