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For an island of just 21 square miles, Bermuda has an outsized love of all things sports – and the infrastructure to support many sporting events.

Facilities like Bermuda National Sports Centre can accommodate a range of sports – including rugby, soccer, cricket, field hockey and lacrosse as well as swimming and track and field. Whether you're planning a youth sports camp or a professional tournament, you'll be amazed at what Bermuda has to offer.

How Bermuda Makes Your Sporting Event Next-Level

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Sporting Essentials
Year-Round Play

Out here, the near-perfect year-round cllmate means outdoor sporting events are always in season. Although it is roughly as far north as Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, its winters are much milder thanks to the Gulf Stream. In the summer, ocean breezes help cool things down a bit. No matter the sport, athletes and spectators alike are bound to experience pleasant climes during your event. See more about Bermuda's weather. To learn more about the best seasons for island activities, see the Adventure Almanac.

Playing cricket in Bermuda
Facilities & Venues

Facilities across the island accommodate multiple sports. National Sports Centre, Bermuda's centrally located premier sports complex, features a hockey pitch, a 400-metre track, football fields, cricket pitch and a 50-m swimming pool with three, five, seven and 10-metre dive towers that adhere to internationally recognized standards. On the East End (near the airport), St. George's Cricket Club and on the West End, Somerset Cricket Club hosts Bermuda's biggest cricket event, Cup Match, in alternating years. In Central Bermuda, Warwick Academy accommodates basketball, volleyball, badminton, cricket, soccer, rugby, softball, track and field and more. White Hill Field, meanwhile, offers wide-open green space suitable for many events on the West End near Pompano Beach Club, a popular resort.

National Sports Centre
Where to Train

With so many places to play come plenty of places to train. In Central Bermuda, the Bermuda National Sports Centre has a state-of-the-art weight room, a running track, a 50-metre swimming pool and more. Bermuda Athletic Association offers a gym as well as a football field. For more on where to train, see sports facility profiles below.

Event Logistics

With so many hotels and other accommodations over its 21 square miles, you're never far from a place to stay out here. But you're going to want one that's close to your chosen training facility and/or competition venue, one that's going to work for the group that's attending your event. The experienced, knowledgeable team at BTA can help you find lodging near your venue that's suitable for the size and needs of your group.

There are taxi cabs on island that are wheelchair accessible.

You're going to want the most efficient way to get your group (and gear) to and from practice and competitions. While car rentals are strictly limited on the island, there are plenty of other options: taxi, electric car, private or public bus and ferry – depending on the size and age range of your group, of course. Using its on-island connections and knowledge, BTA can advise you on your best transport options and help you arrange bus and other transport to ensure everyone gets to where they need to go.

Dining in Bermuda
Where to Eat

Your group won't want to miss out on Bermudian cuisine while they're here, but finding a restaurant that will accommodate everyone might be a challenge. Whether you're looking for a restaurant with a private dining room, a catering service for a special event or even a grocery store in the vicinity of the hotel that sells enough snacks to feed a hungry team, let BTA help make these arrangements for you.

BTA & You
Flora Duffy, ITU World Champion
Planning & Promotion

The process for planning your sporting event on an island in the middle of the Atlantic doesn't have to be a mystery. The dedicated, experienced BTA sports team is here to help you plan your event down to the finest detail. The team can assist you with venue and accommodation selection, coordinate activities for attendees, distribute RFPs on your behalf, connect you your sport's on-island community and much more.

Tours & Site Visits

With so many potential places to hold your event, it might be difficult to decide which facilities are right for your group's needs – let alone where to stay, where to eat and where to hold ceremony events and other celebrations. That's why BTA invites prospective sporting event organizers to come see the island's facilities in person, and is happy to coordinate tours. Some groups may qualify for a discount on their site visit. For more information, contact BTA.

Event Execution

BTA's support doesn't end when the game starts. Out here, you can expect dedicated on-island assistance throughout your event. These services can include official welcome letters, maps and brochures, photo/video, assistance with media, coach greetings and recommendations for entertainment and experiences. Whether you're planning a professional match, a pinnacle event, a camp or a retreat, don't hesitate to reach out to us; it's what we're here for.

Bermuda's Sports Facilities

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Somerset Cricket Club


This Facility host our annual cup match cricket festival every even year. Our club offers a wide range of seating...

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Warwick Academy

The Nancy A. Smith Sports Hall caters to basketball, volleyball, badminton and indoor soccer and has a seating...

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Bernard's Park

Centrally located on the outskirts of the City of Hamilton , Bernard Park conveniently accommodates netball courts...

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