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The Sporting Life: 6 Can't-Miss Events

Bermuda has a packed lineup of exciting sporting events, from golf tournaments to sailing races. Here are just a few annual events you can take part in.

Newport Bermuda Race, Bermuda

June in Bermuda

1 Kitty Michael International Invitational Golf Tournament

Port Royal Golf Course

Port Royal Golf Course

Bermuda is the perfect place for a girls’ golf getaway – just ask the women who come to the island for the annual Kitty Michael International Invitational Golf Tournament each spring. They stay at the Fairmont Southampton and tee off on some of the finest fairways in the world at Port Royal Golf Course

2 Catlin End To End

Bermuda's Railway Trail

The scenic Railway Trail spans the island

Walk, cycle and swim Bermuda during this annual charity event, typically held in May. End to End participants soak up amazing views from the South Shore and the Railway Trail during the walking and cycling portion of the race. Plus, there are a variety of interactive rest stops with music, refreshment, giveaways and friendly locals. For the aquatically inclined, the swim route takes you on a 4.5-km loop around the islands of Hamilton Harbour.

3 Bermuda National Swimming Championships

Local and overseas athletes compete at the National Sports Centre Aquatics Facility during the Bermuda National Swimming Championships, typically held in June. With several Olympic hopefuls in the mix, the weekend meet promises outstanding – and possibly record-breaking – performances.

4 Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race

From Buzzards Bay in Marion, Massachusetts to St. David’s Lighthouse in Bermuda.  The 645-nautical-mile journey features more than 100 yachts taking on rough open ocean for chance at glory. 

5 Bermuda Triangle Challenge Marathon Weekend

marathon runners in bermuda

Every January, the Bermuda Triangle Challenge Marathon Weekend brings several races to the island, including its namesake 26.2-mile contest and a nighttime one-mile trek. 

6 Newport to Bermuda Race

A hard thrash to victory. First thought insanely dangerous, the Newport-Bermuda race is now thought of as the world's most glamorous, difficult and addictive ocean-races. Six hundred and thirty five nautical miles, hammering winds and pods of whales lay between Newport and St. David's Lighthouse. This is the race of legends the classic that turned the sea into a playground and made ocean-racing a sport.