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Bermy Slang: 10 Words & Phrases to Know Before You Go

With influences from England, Portugal and the Caribbean, the Bermudian way of speaking has evolved into something all its own.

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While you’re travelling through Bermuda, you may hear locals use original phrases and terms. Be in-the-know with this quick guide to Bermy slang.

1 Bermy

Bermy slang in Bermuda

A local’s shortening of "Bermuda." Good to know: Bermuda is named after Spanish Captain Juan de Bermúdez, the first known European explorer thought to have passed the island in 1505. The island was named after him in 1511 when it was first documented on a map.

2 Wopnin?

Wopnin slang in Bermuda

“What’s happening?” A standard friendly greeting on the island. 

3 Onion

Onion slang term in Bermuda

A born-and-bred Bermudian. Why “onion”? Well, back in the 1800s the island’s main export was sweet, succulent Bermuda onions. At one point, more than 30,000 boxes of them were delivered to the U.S. on a weekly basis. As a result, Bermuda became known as “the Onion Patch,” and its residents became known as “Onions.”

4 Black

Slang in Bermuda

Short for Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, an island staple. Black Seal Rum is an essential ingredient in Bermuda’s two signature cocktails: the Dark ‘n Stormy® and the Rum Swizzle. Even some dishes, like Bermuda Fish Chowder, come with a delicious dash of Black. Fancy a Rum & Coke? In Bermy, you order a Black & Coke!

5 The Rock

The Rock slang in Bermuda

Another local's nickname for Bermuda. Not to be confused with Alcatraz off the coast of San Francisco, California. Learn more about the different areas of the island, divided up by location.

6 Greeze

Greeze slang in Bermuda

A big meal or food in general. As in: “I’m hungry, where can I get a big greeze?” If you’re famished, try one of Bermuda’s most beloved culinary creations: the fish sandwich, with deep-fried fillets of fish and tartar sauce piled on raisin bread or whole-wheat toast (plus add-ons like lettuce, tomato, grilled Bermuda onions, cheese, hot sauce and coleslaw).

7 Stop de Madness

Stop de Madness slang in Bermuda

Stop acting or talking out of order.

8 Ace Boy / Ace Girl

Ace Boy / Ace Girl slang in Bermuda

What you call your Bermudian best friend forever (BFF).

9 Session

Session slang in Bermuda

A party or celebration. Whether it’s Bermuda Day or Cup Match – or just Saturday night – Bermudians know how to party. If you’re on the hunt for a good time, “session central” is Hamilton’s Front Street, where nightclubs, bars and restaurants offer all kinds of after-hours fun. 

10 Chingas!

Chingas! slang in Bermuda

An expression of surprise or delight, as in “Wow!” or “Oh my gracious!”