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6 Ridiculously Romantic Experiences in Bermuda

With gorgeous beaches, luxury resorts and a seductive island atmosphere, Bermuda has long attracted couples searching for romance. Here are a few suggestions to set the mood.

Tourist sitting on rock in Bermuda

Get lost in Bermuda's beauty

Whether you're planning to propose during your visit, tie the knot in a Bermuda wedding or simply go on a romantic getaway, make room in your itinerary for utterly these romantic experiences.

1 Visit the Unfinished Church

Inside the Unfinished Church in St. George, Bermuda

Inside The Unfinished Church in St. George's

No ceiling? No floors? No problem. Architecture overtaken by nature brings mystique to the Unfinished Church in the Town of St. George – not surprisingly, it's one of Bermuda’s most popular wedding spots. Construction of the church started in the 1870s when the magnificent Gothic structure was meant to replace St. Peter's Church, but the project was abandoned just before completion. Now, the stone edifice with massive arches and impressive walls has a manicured grass carpet and a beautiful sky view. And it feels perfect just the way it is.  

2 Unwind and Connect at a Spa

Grotto Bay Spa in Bermuda's Crystal Caves

Natura Spa at Grotto Bay Resort

| Credit: Meredith Andrews

Looking to indulge and reconnect with a soothing spa experience? A couples' date at a Bermuda spa merges romance and relaxation. Located at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Tennis Club, the Natura Spa offers side-by-side massages for two in treatment rooms located in ocean-fed caves. At the Willow Spa at the Fairmont Southampton, lovebirds can enjoy simultaneous massages in a pavillion with views of the ocean.

3 Stroll Lover's Lane

Paget Marsh, Bermuda

Lover's Lane, Paget Marsh Nature Reserve

Bermuda’s spectacular scenery doesn’t stop at the beach. For a peaceful couples’ escape, explore Lover’s Lane, located in the lush Paget Marsh. You'll wander through a cedar- and palmetto-covered forest teeming with wildlife, serenaded by the songs of resident and migratory birds. 

4 Kiss Under a Moongate

One of the many Moongates in Bermuda

Bermuda's moongates are said to bring good luck

Bermuda is sprinkled with horseshoe-shaped limestone passageways known as moongates. These structures were introduced to the island via Britain and China in the 19th century. Traditionally, newlyweds step through them for good luck. But whether your relationship status is “married” or “it’s complicated,” a kiss (and an accompanying photo) under one of them is a great way to commemorate a romantic Bermuda rendezvous. 

5 Follow the Railway Trail

Biking the Railway Trails in Bermuda

The island-wide Railway Trail is full of natural beauty

| Credit: Fairmont Southampton

A walk or bicycle ride on Bermuda's Railway Trail is a sure path to contentment. The mid-20th century rail route is now a national park where cyclists, hikers and strolling couples encounter secluded beaches, stunning ocean views, an old drawbridge and other remnants of the past. You'll also see lush flora and wild fauna on the path, which just adds to the vibe. If you'd like to rent push cycles (to Americans, bicycles) for a romantic ride, head to Oleander Cycles Ltd. to rent them by the day.

6 Ride Horses on the Beach

A rocky outcrop on a serene pink sand beach

Bermuda's South Shore features pink sand beaches dotted with dramatic rocky outcrops

See Bermuda on horseback and you might feel like you're in a historic romance novel. Couples can book a private trail ride with Watson Trail Rides, which organises trips for novice and experienced riders. You'll meander along Bermuda's scenic coastline, beaches and trails. Worth noting: November through March, horses are permitted on the beach and in the water. From April through October, horses aren't allowed on the beach after 8:30 am or before 9 pm.

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