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40 Reasons to Come To Bermuda in 2017

Wondering where to travel in 2017? Some of the world’s most influential writers, editors and publications have a suggestion: Bermuda.

Couple enjoying the cool waters of one of our underwater caves.

Frommer’s placed the island on its popular “Best Places to Go in 2017.” Travel + Leisure named Bermuda to its “50 Best Places to Travel” in 2017. Afar put the island on its “Where To Go in 2017” list, Lonely Planet did the same on its “Best in Travel 2017” list. The New York Post told readers that Bermuda is one of “Eight Essential Trips” next year. There might even be more to come!

These accolades are all great reasons to start planning your Bermuda 2017 getaway. But in case you needed a few more … 

1 It’s Closer Than You Think

Bermuda was named one of National Geographic Traveler’s Best Trips for 2016

Bermuda is a 90-minute non-stop flight from NYC, less than a 3-hour flight from most U.S. East Coast travel hubs and a 7-hour flight from London.  Learn more

2 The 35th America’s Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton

Credit: Ricardo Pinto

The countdown is on for the 35th America’s Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton in Bermuda, May 26 – June 27, 2017 – a once-in-a-lifetime event. Have you got your tickets yet? Learn more

3 Gombey Dance Parties

Dancing with the Gombeys

Bermuda’s traditional Gombey troupes turn the island’s streets into a colourful, interactive dance party. Learn more

4 Cliff Diving

Red Bull Diver showing off his skills at Admiralty House

| Credit: Garth/ The Medium

Take the plunge! Daring divers take advantage of sheer cliffs and deep water for the ultimate thrill. Royal Admiralty Park is one of the most popular spots. Learn more

5 Retail Bliss

Urban Cottage

| Credit: Nhuri Bashir

Shopping spree, anyone? From high fashion on Front Street to only-in-Bermuda items in the historic Town of St. George, shopaholics will find plenty to take home with them. Learn more

6 Bonfires on the Beach

Bermuda’s famous beaches just get better after dark. Kick off your shoes and cozy up to a crackling bonfire, the sound of live music and gentle waves intermingling. Learn more

7 The Historic Railway Trail

Bermuda’s Railway trail offers 18 miles rich, flora-filled landscapes and stunning coastal views, perfect for exploring via bicycle or on foot, with hidden gems and history around every bend. Learn more

8 The Friendliest Locals You’ll Ever Meet

You’re going to feel right at home during your time here. Bermudians go above and beyond when it comes to welcoming visitors, and are always eager to share tips on where to go and what to do.  Learn more

9 Fish Sandwiches

Bring your appetite! Bermuda’s fish sandwiches are BIG – and extremely delicious. No trip to here is complete without trying this island favourite. Learn more

10 A Spa in a Cave

Natura Spa at Grotto Bay Resort

| Credit: Meredith Andrews

There’s no shortage of relaxing and rejuvenating spa experiences in Bermuda. But none are quite like Grotto Bay’s subterranean Natura Spa, located in an ancient cave, lit by flickering candlelight. Learn more

11 Nightlife on Front Street

Live Music at Pickled Onion

When the sun goes down, things heat up on Front Street in the City of Hamilton, thanks to an array of lounges, dance clubs, live music venues and eateries. Learn more

12 Spiny Lobster

Bermuda spiny lobster

From September to March, you'll find Spiny Lobster nearly every restaurant and grocery from one end of the island to the other. Chefs like to shake things up, but this island favourite is just fine broiled with a brushing of butter. Learn more    

13 A Humpback Parade

Humpback Whale Migration

| Credit: Andrew Stevenson

Majestic humpback whales make their annual trip through Bermuda waters in late winter and early spring. Witness the parade of playful, breaching mammals on a whale watching boat tour. Learn more

14 Bermuda Looks Good From All Angles

Bermuda is a feast for the eyes, no matter how you look at it. Check out hidden coves via jet ski. Explore backroads on a moped. Take it all in from above on a Blue Sky Aerial flight. Learn more

15 Rock Climbing Action

Credit: Andrew Burr

Want some high adrenalin thrills? There are about 250 deep-water solo routes and about 50 sports routes on the island. In other words, it’s a rock climber’s dream come true. Learn more

16 Snowballs in Summer

It doesn’t snow in Bermuda, but the island does have snowballs. From June through September, carts and roadside stands all over the island sell these delicious crushed-ice-and-syrup confections. Learn more

17 It’s More Affordable Than You Think

There are deals galore to take advantage of when planning your trip to Bermuda. Don’t miss the Pink Sale, with some of the island’s best hotels offering 50 percent off rates. Learn more

18 History Around Every Corner

Fort St. Catherine

Bermuda was first settled more than 400 years ago, and the island’s rich history is everywhere you look, from the Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site to the Royal Naval Dockyard. Learn more

19 Those Colours

Pink sand. Sparkling turquoise waters. Pastel-painted buildings. Endless blue sky. Lush greenery. The colours of Bermuda will linger in your memory for years to come. Learn more

20 The Serenity of Spittal Pond

A natural sanctuary located in Smith’s Parish on Bermuda’s South Shore, Spittal Pond is spread over 64 acres, with a winding trail that leads to spectacular coastal views and Spittal Pond itself, a serene body of water that’s perfect for a picnic. Learn more

21 Jet Skiing Adventures

Zoom from open water to secluded coves on a jet ski

Discover remote islands and coves and see Bermuda from a new perspective aboard a jet ski. Never ridden a jet ski before? No problem. Outfitters will provide instructions on driving and safety. Learn more

22 Authentic Culinary Delights

Fish chowder

A mix of British, Caribbean, African, Native American and Portuguese influences, Bermudian cuisine delivers fresh flavours, innovative spins on old classics and new taste sensations. Our tip? Order the fish chowder. Learn more

23 The Royal Naval Dockyard’s Gateway to the Past

Credit: Fairmont Southampton

After more than 150 years as a symbol of Royal Naval might in the Western Atlantic, the Royal Naval Dockyard now holds art galleries, shops, museums and a slew of historic attractions. You could spend a whole day exploring here. Learn more

24 Fun Festivals Year-Round

Cricket is beloved in Bermuda

From the music, theatre and dance of the Bermuda Performing Arts Festival to the island-wide celebration that is Cup Match Summer Splash, Bermuda’s annual cultural events are welcoming and exciting. Learn more

25 An Escape to Wellness

Elbow Beach Bermuda

Inner harmony and outer vibrancy are within reach in Bermuda. Spend some time rejuvenating at one of Bermuda’s many full-service spas, each one with enticing treatments and specialties. Learn more

26 Bermuda Is An Underwater Playground

The Vixen Shipwreck

With coral reefs teeming with marine life, crystal clear waters and more than 300 mysterious shipwrecks, Bermuda is the perfect place for scuba divers and snorkelers – whether you’re experienced or a novice. Dive in! Learn more

27 The Mystique of the Crystal Caves

Go underground to explore the Crystal Caves

Descend into an underground wonderland. Bermuda’s Crystal Caves features soaring stalagmites and icicles of white limestone dripping from the ceiling, a mirror-like subterranean lake and intricate rock formations. Learn more

28 Eco Exploration on Cooper’s Island

Meander pathways that wind through forest and beach

One of Bermuda's most pristine – and most picturesque – natural attractions, Cooper’s Island blends beach and forest. It’s perfect for a day of hiking, swimming, picnicking, bird watching, snorkeling and turtle spotting. Learn more

29 Kayak Glides

See nature like you've never seen before on a tranquil kayak ride. You won’t just see incredible on-the-water sights and encounter exceptional wildlife; you’ll also get a good workout. Learn more

30 The World’s Best Beaches

We’ll just come right out and say it – there’s nothing better than a Bermuda beach, with pink sand and gentle waves framed by dramatic craggy cliffs. Sit back and soak it all in. Learn more

31 The Dark ‘n Stormy & the Rum Swizzle

Bermuda has not one but two delicious signature cocktails – the Dark ‘n Stormy and the Rum Swizzle, both made with the island’s own Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. Learn more

32 It’s Where You Find Creative Inspiration

Bermuda Botanical Gardens

From Mark Twain to John Lennon, Bermuda has provided the spark for some of the world’s greatest creative minds. Explore their Bermuda and you'll find inspiration, too. Learn more

33 The Masterpieces at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

The Masterworks collection includes more than 3,000 watercolours, lithographs, photographs and etchings. You'll see works by legends such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Winslow Home along with pieces by Bermudian artists. Learn more

34 It’s Where British Charm Meets Island Soul

From the London-style, bright red telephone booths at the Royal Naval Dockyard to traditional tea at Sweet P's High Tea, you'll see reminders of Bermuda's British colonial past throughout the island. Learn more

35 Where Else Are Bermuda Shorts the Ultimate Fashion Statement?

Bermuda shorts

| Credit: Gavin Howarth and TABS

Hey, some styles are timeless. Bermuda shorts were originally borrowed in the early 20th century from the British military's uniform for hot climes. Over the years, they’ve become a real fashion statement on and off the island. Learn more

36 Mighty Fortresses

The ramparts of Fort Scaur

Once a strategic military outpost, Bermuda is home to several wonderful old forts. The cannons aren’t necessary, but these strongholds are a blast (pun intended) to discover, with ramparts, hidden corridors and vantage points to scan the horizon for pirates. Learn more

37 It’s Just 21 Square Miles …

… But every inch is packed with things to do and sights to see. Bermuda’s compact size means that you’re never more than a short trip away from beaches, jungles, restaurants, neighborhoods, attractions and more. Less time in transit, more time for fun. Learn more

38 Bermuda is a Photographer’s Dream Come True

Terraced rooftops are a defining architectural style

It’s no secret that Bermuda is filled with an amazing variety of colours, natural beauty and scenic vistas. In other words, the island is extremely photogenic. Learn more

39 The Magic of Moongates

Bermuda moongate

Moongates – the circular limestone structures you’ll see all over Bermuda – aren’t just lovely to look at. Stepping through one is said to bring good luck and long life –especially to couples. Learn more

40 Sunset Cocktail Cruises

A Bermuda sunset looks good no matter where you see it. But it looks especially good from the deck of a yacht, with a craft cocktail in hand, as you drink a toast to paradise. Learn more