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10 Reasons to Spend Your Summer Fridays in Bermuda

Dreamy beaches, ocean sunsets and sublime cocktail cruises are among the motivations to head to Bermuda for a long weekend.

beach in bermuda

1 Those Beaches

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Turquoise water and pink sand at Horseshoe Bay

Miles of coastline, pink sands and crystal-blue waters – Bermuda's beaches are the stuff of legend. Head to secluded ones like Jobson's Cove, with its dramatic cliffs and swimming hole, or popular, busy stretches such as the famous, photogenic Horseshoe Bay.

2 Serious Instagram Envy

Rooftops in Bermuda

The island's iconic terraced rooftops

Pretty much anywhere you point your camera or smartphone will have co-workers crying in their cubes. See where to get some of the most breathtaking views.

3 It's Just Two Hours Away

Inset map of Bermuda

You read it right – paradise is about a two-hour flight from most major U.S. East Coast airports.

4 No Traffic Jams

Set sail on Bermuda's waterways

Set sail on Bermuda's waterways

While everyone else is breathing exhaust fumes on the turnpike, you’ll be here.

5 Bonfires On The Beach

Bonfire Tobacco Bay Beach, Bermuda

Beach bonfires at Tobacco Bay

Kick off your shoes and dance by a roaring fire on  Tobacco Bay, a sheltered retreat with towering rock formations, clear, shallow waters and a fascinating history.

6 Cocktail Cruises

Rum Swizzle Cocktail in Bermuda

A Rum Swizzle, Bermuda's unofficial national drink

Who needs a crowded, noisy bar when you can sip Rum Swizzles and Champagne on the water? Try the popular trips on the luxe Über Vida, the luxurious Zara or one of Sail Bermuda’s private yachts.

7 Wear Sunglasses at Happy Hour

Tourists Walking on a Bermuda Beach
Credit: Gavin Howarth and TABS

Bermuda's happy hours are a little brighter than cocktail time in other destinations, so don’t forget your shades. 

8 Adventures on the Water

Jet Skiing in Bermuda

Zoom from open water to secluded coves on a jet ski

There are many exhilarating ways to get on the water in Bermuda. Think jet skiing, paddleboarding, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling and cliff jumping.

9 Spectacular Sunsets

Newstead Bermuds sunset

Experience Bermuda's sunset from the water

When the orange sun dips into the blue ocean here, you may just witness one of the greatest sunsets of your life.