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10 Reasons to Choose Bermuda for Your Next Meeting

Looking for an unexpected location for your next corporate meeting or event? Bermuda is a meeting destination unlike any other – completely dialled in and totally set apart.

Bermuda offers 75 miles of dramatic coastline – a perfect backdrop for proper productivity. Major renovations, new hotel projects, diverse venues and legendary hospitality make the island a premier destination for meetings, conferences and incentive programs. Here are just some of the reasons Bermuda will elevate your next meeting or conference.

1 Location and Time Zone

Explore a 21-square-mile island set apart in the Atlantic, but easy to get to via daily nonstop 90-minute flights from New York City. Less than three hours from most U.S. East Coast gateways and under seven hours from London, its use of Atlantic Standard Time makes it ideal for companies serving global markets.

2 It's a place like no other

Gombey Dancers

Gombey dancers

While Bermuda's style is famously elegant, the island’s people are genuinely kind. It’s filled with warmth, tranquility and natural beauty. and the creative spirit shines through our diverse, vibrant culture. Attendees will encounter island life that blends tradition, innovation and fun, guaranteeing lasting memories.

3 U.S. Tax Deductible Meetings and Customs

Meetings in Bermuda are U.S. tax deductible and all food and beverage expenditures are not taxed. Attendee gifts can be imported into Bermuda duty free as long as they are exported at the end of the meeting. Also, on your return trip, customs are cleared in Bermuda, which allows fast access to baggage claim on your return. Global Entry kiosks are also located in the Bermuda airport terminal to expedite clearance for pre-approved travellers.

4 Innovation with Tradition

Bermuda’s travel industry is evolving with an alluring number of developments while staying true to the essence of the island. With grand dame hotels sporting multi-million-dollar renovations, new hotel projects in the works, and a new state-of-the-art international airport terminal under construction to open in 2020, attendees are guaranteed to embrace traditional Bermudian elements alongside modern innovation.

5 Uncommon Venues

Fort St. Catherine, Town of St. George

Be inspired with a fitting backdrop. Islandwide, Bermuda is like a safe and open 21-square-mile island resort. Whether it's a private island retreat, a historical fort overlooking the turquoise waters, a restaurant with a private dining room, or an outdoor space at Royal Naval Dockyard, she offers venues to suit every style.

6 Award-Winning Testimonials

We believe in winning the hearts and minds of our visitors. The positive feedback from our clients continues to result in Bermuda’s presence in the “Top Places to Travel” in magazines like Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler and National Geographic Traveler. Recently, Bermuda was voted the #1 island in the Atlantic and Caribbean region by nearly half a million readers in the annual Conde Nast Traveler’s 31st annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Bermuda continues to surprise and delight, listen to its clients and deliver on its promises for successful meetings.


A ferry in Bermuda.

Ferries are a great way to explore the island.

Out here, expertise is no mystery. Bermuda has secure, modern, world-class physical and technological infrastructures including sophisticated telecommunications and full-service site selection companies with savvy conference services staff to assist with every step in planning your meeting.


Cliff jumping in Bermuda

Cliff jumping in Bermuda with Hidden Gems Tours

Bermuda has a way of stimulating and refreshing attendees. The island's sub-tropical climate lends itself to amazing year-round experiences. Let us inspire you with our meaningful itineraries. Whether your group prefers adventurous activities on the water to relaxing on our pink-sand beaches, Bermuda leaves groups wanting more.


Credit: Richard Van Inwegen

You never know where brilliance could strike. Treat your attendees to a challenging day of golf on one of Bermuda’ pristine greens or an indulgent underground spa experience. Set sail aboard the Spirit of Bermuda and learn about the island’s rich maritime history. Then cap the day off with a Dark 'n Stormy® to celebrate the successes of your event.