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Bermuda Seasonal Itinerary: October - December

Groups visiting the island from October through December can expect to get a taste of Bermuda's world-class sailing, deep sea fishing, delicious lobster and more.

Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda

The historic Royal Naval Dockyard on Bermuda's West End

Day 1

Welcome Reception

Greet your guests with the Bermuda Regiment band on hotel grounds. Bask in the beauty that surrounds you, and enjoy the island’s iconic Dark n’ Stormy® cocktail made with Gosling’s Rum. Relax on the lawn and simply enjoy the company of colleagues as the sun sets in the background.

Day 2

The Great Sound Sailing Regatta

The Bermuda Gold Cup team-building regatta brings out the competitive team spirit and provides fun, camaraderie and adventure. The regatta program will give your guests the opportunity to learn a new sport, work as a team with colleagues, and experience competing in an endurance sport. Guests will be entertained with the mystique and stories of Bermuda’s sailing history, natural history and pirating heritage as they make their way to their racing yacht. Provided through Discover Bermuda

Pier 6 VIP Gala

Treat your guests to a true VIP experience at Pier 6, a unique venue sitting on the City of Hamilton’s waterfront. With stunning views of Hamilton Harbour and flanking luminous Front Street, they will enjoy an elegant evening of local cuisine and entertainment. Create lasting memories and make your guests feel truly appreciated.

Day 3

Deep Sea Fishing

Sailing Hamilton Harbour in Bermuda

Sailing Hamilton Harbour

Although it’s completely coincidental that Bermuda is shaped liked a fishhook, this cluster of islands has been hooking deep sea anglers for years. Bermuda earned its spot in the Big Game fisherman’s playbook decades ago by providing quick access to some of the very best Big Game fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. In this world, three species take the cake in terms of size, power and mystique: marlin, tuna and wahoo. Enjoy a great half day on a chartered boat fishing these majestic animals in the open blue waters. Duration: 5-6 hours

Lobster Dine-Around

Your guests will be organized into smaller groups for an amazing dine-around experience featuring a local favourite, the Bermuda Spiny Lobster. September 1 through March 31, is long-anticipated every year as it marks lobster season.

Day 4

Dolphin Quest

Treat your guests to the ultimate dolphin experience at Dolphin Quest in the Royal Naval Dockyard. This world-class facility is housed in the historic National Museum of Bermuda with a surrounding fortress of old Bermuda stone block. With the assistance of expert trainers, your guests can customize their activities with the dolphins to get up-close and personal in shallow or deep water. An epic experience.

Royal Naval Dockyard

Glass blowing at the Royal Naval Dockyard

Head to the historic Royal Naval Dockyard for an afternoon of adventure. Here, step into the era of the British Empire and wander among the old stone buildings, wharves and fortifications. Pick from any number of activities available in the area:

Day 5


Enjoy a traditional Bermudian breakfast crafted with local flavours at Divots Bar, Grill and Terrace. Spend the morning reflecting on all the breathtaking views and adventures experienced with colleagues before you depart.


Clear U.S. Customs in Bermuda, making baggage claim a breeze. Be sure to pick up some duty-free items including Goslings Rum, Barritts Ginger Beer and various other Bermuda souvenirs for your family and friends.