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Perhaps Bermuda’s most famous stretch of shoreline due to its crystal-clear water, pink sand and dramatic rocky cliffs, Horseshoe Bay Beach may just be the quintessential Bermuda beach. That means it can draw some pretty big crowds in summer. This southeast-facing beach is located along the South Shore in Southampton Parish. Amenities include changing facilities and nearby restrooms as well as a restaurant and bar close to the beach. A rocky outcrop separates this beach from gentle Port Royal Cove, where beachgoers can wade among colourful parrotfish.

Tactical information
  • Beach has a sandy bottom
  • Limestone outcrops sit at either end of the beach
  • Wind speeds vary
  • Narrow SE-SW winds
Safety considerations
  • Recommended for advanced riders only and is not for beginner or intermediate riders
  • Beach has rocky outcrops at its northern edge and scattered rocks at its south end
  • Beach can get crowded in summer
  • Portuguese man o’ wars may be present in spring and early summer
  • A wetsuit is recommended in winter