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Out here, abundant sunshine and warm sea breezes linger longer in fall, and our brilliant colours never fade. Bermuda's stunning shores promise a flawless fall getaway, from perfect beach days and outdoor adventures to alfresco dining and island-style holiday festivities. Discover your BermudaFall, just a two-hour flight from the U.S. East Coast. See current flight schedules and check back monthly for updated information – flights will be added throughout the year. 

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Thanks to the Gulf Stream, warmth and sunshine linger longer out here in fall. Average air temperatures range between 80 and 85 fahrenheit (27-29 degrees celsius) in September and October, and only slightly cool off in November and December. And with a low likelihood of rainfall, fall offers the perfect climate for hiking, boating, beachcombing and experiencing the island's seasonal celebrations.

Fall Fun, Just Your Style

Indulgent Retreat


Walk, Jog or Bike the Railway Trail

Rent a bike or lace up your sneakers and head to a stretch of the Bermuda Railway Trail, which runs from end to end. Pass through lush wilderness and take in dramatic vistas of the coastline, farms and cottages along the way. Recharge your batteries at one of the many local eateries near the trail.

Get Immersed in Nature

Experience some of the island's most pristine spots with a customised excursion through Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, Turtle Beach and Long Bay and explore these once-off-limits conservation areas. Climb to the top of the observation tower for sweeping ocean views and to spot wildlife like the Bermuda longtail, and stop for a swizzle at Gombey's.

Forage for edible wild herbs and plants in Bermuda

Bermuda's Botanical Bounty

Join a foraging tour alongside naturalist Doreen Williams-James, whose Wild Herbs and Plants excursion uncovers Bermuda’s edible plants. When you’re done, stay for a picnic lunch of vegan specialties on Turtle Bay, where you’ll enjoy grilled vegetable sandwiches with pesto and wild spinach, raw aloe brownies and allspice iced tea.


Rugged Rentals Electric Rental Hummer

Rent an Electric Hummer

Start your day by renting a miniature Hummer, a scaled-down electric version of the popular American SUV, available at Rugged Rentals in St. George’s. Once you’re behind the wheel, make a beeline for the Pink Beach Club at The Loren, a chic seaside restaurant where you can eat lobster hash and short ribs Benedict.

Lili Bermuda Perfume

Create Custom Perfume

Head to the Lili Bermuda Perfumery in St. George’s, where you can create a customised scent under the tutelage of master perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone. During this intimate hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to blend island-inspired oils into your very own finished fragrance. Imagination required.

Bermuda beach picnic

Luxe Picnic

With its mild climate, radiant sunshine and astonishing natural scenery, Bermuda is perfect for alfresco dining. Opt for a picnic on a pink-sand beach, atop a dramatic coastal cliff or wherever the sunset drives you. Let luxury picnic provider Eettafel serve up a tantalizing spread that's as photogenic as your surroundings.


Tuckers Point Golf Course

Tee Time at Tuckers

Get an early start by reserving a 7 am tee time at Tucker’s Point Golf Course, a championshipcalibre, Robert Rulewich-designed course at Rosewood Bermuda. When you’re done with your round, grab an early lunch at Sul Verde, a casual Italian restaurant inside the clubhouse serving Neapolitan pizza and hearty pasta.

Shop for Shirts

Designed to take you from the clubhouse to the course, performance polo shirts from TABS combine UV protection and moisture-wicking technology to keep you fresh on the fairway. Buy one at the TABS flagship store on Reid Street in the City of Hamilton. An acronym for The Authentic Bermuda Shorts, TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts) is also where you can pick up your new favourite pair.

Sushi on Table

Savour Fresh Sushi

When the dinner bell rings, reserve a table on the second-floor balcony of Pearl, a Front Street sushi lounge featuring inventive preparations of fresh local fish. Be sure to check the specials, as the chefs are known for daily creations made with whatever’s been biting.

Discover More Fall Fun

On & Around the Water

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Bermuda and its surrounding waters remain pleasantly warm well into the fall months, lending itself to the island's enduring love affair with all things aquatic. Here are the top ways to experience Bermuda's marine culture.

Fall Colours, Bermuda Style

With its lively arts & culture scene and a full slate of brilliant festivities, autumn in Bermuda is anything but drab – from Bermuda's famously elegant fashion to its intriguing pastel-hued buildings to those colourful Gombey dancers.

Seasonal Eats

With such a voluminous natural bounty from the land and the water, Bermuda is home to a blossoming food scene that comes to life in fall, when spiny lobster season draws locals to the surf and pleasantly warm temperatures invite you to experience every meal al fresco.

Experience the Holidays in Bermuda

Dreaming of a pink Christmas? From uniquely Bermudian traditions to gifts you'll only find out here, see why there's no place like Bermuda for the holidays.

The Holidays in Bermuda

What to Bring Back

1 // Sea Fan Pendant, $50 Destined for explorers, beachcombers and mermaids, this colourful statement piece is handmade from cruelty-free coral that’s found and never harvested. (La Garza Boutique & Design Studio, Bridge Street, Town of St. George)

2 // Bermuda Belt, $165 Capture classic Bermuda style with Smathers & Branson belts featuring local motifs – sloops, longtails and Gombey scooters – in their signature leather and needlepoint. (A.S. Cooper Man, Front Street, City of Hamilton) 

3 // Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Pepper, $7.95 Not just for Bermuda fish chowder, this versatile seasoning and Bermuda pantry staple features 17 herbs and spices. It adds a kick to soups, stews and the occasional Bloody Mary. (Bermuda Duty Free, L.F. Wade International Airport) 

4 // Bermuda Rockpool Bowl, from $85 The island’s natural tide pools are recreated through a stunning mix of stoneware clay and salt-glazed porcelain by master ceramicist Jon Faulkner. (Jon Faulkner Gallery, Royal Naval Dockyard)

5 // Bermuda-Born Leather Bags, from $49 Designed in Bermuda and made in Portugal by skilled leather craftspeople, these timeless bags in island hues will transport you to Bermuda along your daily commute. (FH Boutique, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club)

Events & Festivals

Bermuda Carnival

Bermuda's Signature Events

January – December

Bermuda’s major annual events and festivals create a diverse lineup of celebrations happening all year long.


World Tens Series Rugby

Now - November 7, 2020

The first-ever World Tens Series rugby tournament.

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Spa Month

March 1- 31, 2021

Indulge in Soothing Treatments. Pamper yourself with exquisite spa treatments starting at $99.

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