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Now until Dec 29, 2019

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The Royal Naval Dockyard was constructed at the beginning of the Victorian era under the watchful eye of the Royal Engineers. The final structure took over 50 years to complete, as it was painstakingly built by hand by enslaved and free Bermudians and convicts brought to Bermuda from the United Kingdom. The building materials and style used were completely different to anywhere else in Bermuda, making The Dockyard architecturally distinct and a cultural wonderment for visitors.

Guided by Tim Rogers, one of Bermuda's most passionate and knowledgeable tour guides, you'll walk through The Dockyard at a gentle pace and learn about the construction of the former naval base. Following the walking tour, you'll have the opportunity to throw one back like the sailors used to do with a complimentary sampling of Dockyard Brewing CO's delicious London style porter.

Few visitors get to explore the island's rich maritime history in this way. Whether you're an avid architecture enthusiast or you're just looking to enrich the mind, this tour provides the perfect opportunity to discover Bermuda's heritage.

*Tickets are available on and must be purchased by 12pm if purchasing for a tour on the same day.

Photo: Tim Rogers



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