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Filming in Bermuda

Bermuda and Bermudians respect and understand the links between film and tourism. The island has long been a backdrop for film production. From the 1970s filming of The Deep starring Nick Nolte and Jaqueline Bissett and National Geographic diving documentaries to being a host of The X Factor UK Judges Houses episodes during summer 2014, Bermuda has worked collaboratively with the film industry.

We look forward to greeting you with the legendary warmth of our people, and the enchanting appeal of our island. Here you will find the resources and information you need to plan your upcoming project.


Heiko De Groot, Federvieh Media Production

When wildlife photographer and producer Heiko De Groot went searching for a new and unique location to film for Nonfiction Planet’s 15-year television series, Mare TV (Ocean TV), he chose Bermuda. He and his German crew experienced "perfect weather for three weeks and were able to get great shots." He recommends learning about the customs and immigration process ahead of time to ensure being well prepared. Once he understood what was expected, the process went smoothly: "BTA (Bermuda Tourism Authority) assisted with the paperwork, there were no challenges." The people they worked were "friendly, helpful and flexible." They had no problems getting around the island, hiring private taxis for the duration of their stay, but budgets should allow for premium destination costs for transportation and accommodations.

He and his German crew experienced “perfect weather for three weeks and were able to get great shots.”

Carmen Franczyk, Epic Films Global

Producer Carmen Franczyk has filmed commercials in Bermuda for major international clients a number of times and appreciates the "beautiful island, wonderful people, and very high standard of hotel service." Highlights include helpful BTA (Bermuda Tourism Authority) staff as well as hotel management. While Carmen had "great experiences," she advises producers to plan ahead for Bermuda's immigration and customs procedures. Anticipate extra time for clearing film equipment from customs as well as exporting it off the island at the end of the shoot. She also recommends budgeting for higher than average transportation and catering costs.

Would she bring another production to Bermuda? “Absolutely!


Bermuda is just a short two-hour flight from most East Coast cities in the US, 3 hours from Toronto, and 7 hours from the UK. Scheduled service is available on several airlines to L.F. Wade International Airport, where a full suite of modern amenities is available.

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In Bermuda, the primary means of transportation for visitors is taxi and bus. Auto rentals are not available. Most production companies make arrangements prior to arrival with a taxi company to provide all of the transport that will be required while on the island. Most taxis are small vans capable of carrying a few people and baggage or equipment. If a cargo van or truck is needed, arrangements can be made in advance.

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