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FAQs - Filming in Bermuda

1. What is a work permit?

A temporary work permit allows a person to be employed in a specific job for any period up to three months.  Such a person is considered to be a visitor to Bermuda. Persons working on a film, video or photography production project must obtain a work permit.

2. Who needs a work permit?

Anyone who is employed in a specific job that is travelling to Bermuda to work. Work lasting not greater than seven (7) days for: a journalist, model or photographer on an assignment for an international publication or for international electronic media provided that they are employed abroad, directly by the same company (or group of companies) to which the Bermuda client belongs but that (i) the services of such business visitors do not extend to clients of the Bermuda business and (ii) the training is for a specific, one-off purpose.

3. Why do they need one?

To be allowed to work on island, in compliance with Bermuda law.

4. What is the process for requesting a work permit?

Upon request, the BTA will send the necessary forms to an overseas company to be filled out.  Once returned, the BTA will submit an application to the Department of Immigration and await approval.  Once approved, the letter of permission will be sent to the overseas company to disperse to all travelling. These documents will need to be presented to the Immigration Officer at the airport when travelers land.

5. When does a local production company have to be employed?

Any time an overseas production company applies to come to Bermuda to film.

6. When does a local photographer have to be employed?

If an overseas production company has an international photographer for still photography on their staff for the shoot in Bermuda, a local photographer must be hired as part of the local production coordinator crew. The local photographer and the local production coordinator can be one in the same.

7. What organization does the photographer have to be a part of?

Bermuda Photographers Association

8. How far in advance does a permit the have to be made?

The BTA recommends submission of all completed information at least 15 working days before the first arrival.

9. How far in advance can the request be made?

No more than three months in advance.

10. How long can the vendor stay on island?

No more than 3 months.

11. May un-manned drones be used for filming and photography in Bermuda?

Yes, but there are important restrictions and regulations - Learn More

12. Whom should be contacted at the BTA for additional information and assistance?

Keisha Webb or Beverley Bennett
Destination Services
Bermuda Tourism Authority
22 Church Street
Hamilton HM11
Phone: +1 (441) 296-9200 / +1 (441) 279-6657
Email: [email protected]

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