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Bring It Home in 4 Easy Steps:


Have a look at this short video to see how Brenda brings it home for Bermuda. We know there are a lot more "Brendas" (and "Brandons") out there. Continue to step two if you think you might be one.



Now that you’ve met Brenda in the previous video, take a gander at this short paper for a better understanding of the current state of group travel in Bermuda and how the BTA executes its group business strategy. After you read this you’ll be better prepared to bring it home for Bermuda.


Email us the details of the prospective group visit and the BTA team will begin qualifying your group lead as explained in the previous step. [email protected]


You’ve seen how Brenda brought it home, you’ve read the research paper and now that we have your lead form, the Bermuda Tourism Authority is in your corner. Now let’s get after it – together – and bring it home for Bermuda.

Got questions? Email our Sales & Business Development Team at [email protected]

They Brought It Home!

They love Bermuda and they’re bringing it home for the local economy. Their success stories will inspire you.

Bermuda Principles Conference

Dr. Carika Weldon is a Bermudian excelling in the scientific field overseas. She brought some of that success home in November 2016 and again in February 2018.  Her colleagues from around the world visited for the Bermuda Principles Conference, which focused on genetic splicing. Interestingly, the same conference made history in Bermuda in 1996, and thanks to Dr Weldon, history is repeating itself two decades later.

Todd Boren 

Todd Boren is not Bermudian, he’s a Floridian, but he has loved the island since he first conducted business affairs here more than a decade ago. When he ascended to a leadership position at the Young Presidents’ Organisation he recommended Bermuda for a regional conference and won a lot of cool points from his colleagues.

The Kappa Classic

The Kappa Classic is the largest youth sports tournament in Bermuda, and it brings with it an estimated local impact of more than $100,000. Meet the organizers of this major group travel event, learn about key event details and see what makes this annual spring tournament so successful. 

The Bermuda Tattoo

The Bermuda Tattoo is a special commemorative event that brings an estimated local impact of almost $750,000 to Bermuda. Meet the organizers of this unique group travel event, learn about the essential event details and discover what powers this world-class cultural celebration.

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