Bermuda’s Official Travel Resource

Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA)

The BTA is the official destination marketing organisation of Bermuda and an accredited member of Destinations International

The BTA is a dynamic, independent and entrepreneurial tourism enterprise dedicated to driving Bermuda's evolution as a world-class tourism destination. We partner with the Bermuda government, industry stakeholders and our whole island community to create memorable experiences for more visitors, and grow tourism and jobs as a result.

Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences has launched in Bermuda and our community of hospitable locals have outdone themselves. Check out the list of experiences. If you have a big tourism idea, submit an online application with Airbnb. This info sheet will help get you ready.

National Tourism Plan

The National Tourism Plan lays out Bermuda’s roadmap to success for a balanced and growing tourism industry through 2025. Download the publically available abridged version or grab the full report via BTAConnect. Email if login needed: [email protected]

Local Food Harvest

A new food harvest almanac connects travellers with locally grown foods at their freshest. As part of the rollout, we want residents to rank the popularity of foods from our sea and soil. Fill out the online poll; we'll pass along your top picks to visitors.

Experience Investment Process

The Tourism Experience Investment application process re-opens March 1, 2020. Start here to make your submissionIf you missed the prep workshop or want to have a closer look, the workshop presentation is now posted online.

2020 CTA Star Awards

This award is presented to a Certified Tourism Ambassador who exemplifies excellence in hospitality and customer service. This individual consistently exceeds customer expectations, possesses a strong knowledge of the region and its attractions, and promotes the ideals of the BTA and the Tourism Ambassador Institute®. For more information and to nominate click here.