Bermuda’s Official Travel Resource

Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA)

The BTA is the official destination marketing organisation of Bermuda and is an accredited member of Destination International.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is an independent, forward-thinking tourism enterprise - dynamic, entrepreneurial and vibrant.  We are the singular voice that continually evolves Bermuda as a world-class tourism destination. We are partners with the Government of Bermuda and its people to grow tourism and create jobs.

National Tourism Plan

The National Tourism Plan lays out Bermuda’s roadmap to success for a balanced and growing tourism industry through 2025. Download the abridged version and read more about the plan in press releases. You can also grab the full diagnostic report via BTAConnect.

Tourism Entrepreneurs

Check out some emerging tourism entrepreneurs who are changing the game. As you'll see in a Bermuda Broadcasting Company business news video series, each of these entrepreneurs has two things in common: a passion for what they do and a love for Bermuda.

Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences arrives in Bermuda this March. If you want your experience listed on launch day, get your application in by February 15. Submit your idea online with Airbnb, but first check out this info sheet to make sure your Experience hits the sweet spot.