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'Tis the Season for Bermuda Spiny Lobster

September 1st marks that long-awaited day on nearly every Bermudian's calendar. After a handful of warmer months, the end of summer is like a beacon of light bringing with it the most desired of gifts - spiny lobster. From September to March, you'll find this island favourite in nearly every restaurant and grocery from one end of the island to the other.

Unlike its distant relative, the Maine lobster, spiny lobsters have a harder shell and don't have claws, which means nearly all of the meat is found in the tail. For the purists out there, all that tender tail meat needs is a little time under the broiler and a few brushes with some butter. Care to mix it up? Many of our local restaurants serve up the infamous lobster as the main ingredient in a lobster chowder, the star of a few taco shells, or with a creamy sauce over pasta.

Pro Tip: If you're up for the challenge, try snagging the meat from the legs and antennae - it's considered to be some of the tastiest.

We asked our fans where in Bermuda they most enjoy this island treat? Fortunately for you, there are plenty of options to check out the day's fresh catch:

While many of these restaurants serve up lobster from other regions, you'd be remiss not to order Bermuda Spiny Lobster while it's available. Just make sure you've got some butter within arm's reach (and maybe a bib, too).