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Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Bermuda

With its beautiful waters and scenic coastlines, Bermuda is the perfect place to try Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP), the water sport that’s sweeping the globe.

Paddleboarding in Bermuda

Paddleboarding in Bermuda

At this point, it’s safe to say that Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP for short) is a worldwide phenomenon. Some reports say that it’s the fastest growing water sport in the world, with tens of millions standing up on long boards and paddling out past the waves. Wherever there’s a body of water, you’ll see SUP-ers enjoying a workout on the water or simply soaking in the sights.

Getting Started with SUP

No SUP experience? No problem. Expert guides at a variety of island outfitters can fit you for the correct size paddleboard, give you a detailed lesson on how to paddleboard using proper paddleboarding techniques. They can also hook you up with all the extra gear you might need on your SUP adventure – snorkels, masks, flippers, coolers for food and drink, and waterproof maps that will direct you to the best spots around the island. 

SUP Hot Spots

Just a few great locations for SUP in Bermuda:

  1. Tobacco Bay Beach – Located in St. George’s Parish, this popular beach offers shallow waters, gorgeous limestone formations and colourful coral reefs just beneath the surface of the waves.
  2. Horseshoe Bay Beach – This long, sweeping crescent of pink sand looks even better from your paddleboard, out on the water.
  3. Spanish Point – Located in Pembroke Parish, the placid waters of Spanish Point are great for beginners. Enjoy seeing Bermuda’s pastel homes from the water. 
  4. Daniels Head Beach Park – From this point you can paddle out to see the famous Vixen shipwreck, whose mast peeks out above the waves. Keep an eye out for sea turtles, too.

SUP Yoga

Namaste  with a twist. Maybe you've done a little yoga. Maybe you've done a little paddleboarding. But odds are good that you've never done both at the same time.  SUP Yoga Bermuda offers 90-minute practices out on the water aboard a stand-up paddleboard. It's a great workout, an unforgettable experience and the perfect path to inner peace.

SUP Outfitters

The trusted outfitters listed in the section below offer gear, lessons, tours and everything else you need for a successful SUP experience. Reach out to the individual outfitters for more details.