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Picture Perfect Wedding: Insights from Bermuda Photographers

From dusk-lit fairytale ruins to secluded coves bathed in sparkling island light, Here, Bermuda's professional photographers reveal their top locations.  

Bermuda destination wedding on a sailboat

A Bermuda destination wedding on the water

Masters in creating dreamlike images, Bermuda’s photographers live for the details. Luckily, the island has an abundance of stunning locations at which to capture your best day ever. These Bermuda photographers want to help you make the most of them.

Cliff-lined Coves

Beachside dinner event with farm-to-table menu and panoramic views of Chaplin Bay

Beachside dinner event with farm-to-table menu and views of Chaplin Bay

| Credit: Gavin Howarth
Gavin Howarth calls Stonehole and Chaplin Bay Beaches a photographer’s dream. Along the South Shore between Warwick Long Bay and Horseshoe Bay Beach, you’ll find the twin coves – idyllic and ever changing with the tides and weather – which he calls perfect for either an elopement or a large wedding of 100 guests or more.

The evening light in Bermuda is just magical.

“Bermuda’s beautiful turquoise water is the ultimate backdrop,” he said. “The two beaches are separated by large limestone cliffs which offer the relief of some shade in the summer and also photograph very well. If that wasn’t enough to choose, from there’s a series of twisting pathways through the lush greenery behind the beaches leading to cliff top overlooks. It’s always a treat to work there and I never get tired of hearing how jaw-dropping the location is.”

Stonehole Bay

Stonehole Bay

Amanda Temple agrees. She prefers to shoot at the beach – any beach! – and Stonehole Bay is one of her favourites.

“The evening light in Bermuda is just magical,” she said.  “The light can be very bright earlier in the day, but as the sun lowers, the light softens and casts this lovely glow that is just wonderful to photograph. My favourite location to shoot wedding portraits is the beach – any beach really, but if I have to choose, I’d say Stonehole Bay or Rosewood Bermuda. There is nothing more romantic than Bermuda’s beaches, so I would strongly recommend venturing onto the sand at sunset and feeling the warm grains between your toes, and the warm light on your faces.”

Luxe Resorts

Palm Court at Rosewood Bermuda

Palm Court at Rosewood Bermuda

Melanie Fiander can’t choose between her favourite three spots to shoot wedding photos: The Beach Club at Rosewood Bermuda, Coral Beach & Tennis Club and Cambridge Beaches. Each offer views of Bermuda’s pink, sandy coastline with their own original backdrop.

Couple walking down the beach in wedding attire at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

A wedding in the sand at Cambridge Beaches

| Credit: Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa
“The large palm trees and infinity pool provides a luxurious experience for them and an artistic backdrop for me,” she said of the two-levelled Tucker's Point Beach Club. “During the reception, I like to incorporate the warm glow of light coming from the Beach Club with the nautical twilight, which creates a nice mix of colour temperatures in the images.”

She likes the wild, jungle-like gardens of Cambridge Beaches, a dream for group and family photography.

“Upon entering the property, guests are greeted with one of the prettiest moongates on the island, built from limestone and covered in ferns,” she said.  “I’m not at their wedding to merely take photographs, but to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments that will be enjoyed for generations to come.”  

An aerial view of Coral Beach Resort

The tennis courts at Coral Beach Resort & Tennis Club

Coral Beach Club boasts a true Bermudian charm with its historical architecture overlooking the South Shore. The property dates back as early as 1626 and I love to incorporate the architecture of the venue within my clients' wedding photos to set the scene." 

Meredith Andrews is similarly taken by the property. Located high above the pristine Elbow Beach, the club offers several locations to have a wedding celebration. 

“With its mid-century style, sub-tropical gardens, extensive grounds and unique beach access, Coral Beach Club boasts a multitude of stunning backdrops and romantic details,” she said. “There is no need the leave the classic property for any photography, which is a great advantage on one of the most important and busiest days of your life.” 

History & Romance in St. George's

Long Story Short food tour by Kristin white

Long Story Short food tour by Kristin white

Two & Quarter can’t help but boast about St. George’s. The duo calls the UNESCO World Heritage site home. From Somers Garden in full bloom to dramatic fortresses and St. Peter’s Church, they’re spoilt for striking scenery.  

“Just a short flight of stairs from our Water Street studio and we're walking the winding alleyways, seeped in history and brimming with charm,” they said. “Perhaps the one contained location where access to traditional architecture, gardens, beaches, and forts are all within walking distance of one another, St George's is a town we know like the back of our hands and it is always a joy to share it with our couples.”

Unfinished Church, St. George's Bermuda

Langre Edwards, who goes as Maetog, is always looking for ways to optimise Bermuda’s natural light. The Unfinished Church, a roofless landmark with grass for a floors, is her top choice. 

“It’s sure to give you bragging rights when you show photos to your family and friends,” she said. “I love that it is rich in history, offers open air, and is breathtaking to photograph. 

Hidden Wedding Gems

She said it’s worth looking into private home rentals for unique, intimate celebrations – Bermuda has an abundance of stunning properties and secret gems. The Cliff, in Southampton, is a contemporary oceanfront dream property with a pool and private dock.

“I have seen this 4-bedroom accommodation host a beautiful ceremony and reception for a wedding under 30 people. Equipped with top amenities and a picturesque Bermuda view, this can become entirely personalised by the clients.”

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