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Exploring Walsingham Nature Reserve & Blue Hole Park

Bermuda is just one of the few spots in the world where you can enjoy subterranean caves and grottos, pristine blue-water mangrove ponds and sub-tropical forests like this.

Walsingham Nature Reserve Bermuda

The blue grottos of Walsingham Nature Reserve's Blue Hole Park

Blue Hole Park in the Walsingham Nature Reserve, Bermuda

Nature's swimming holes invite you to take a dip

Bermuda's Walsingham Nature Reserve is a true island original. This 12-acre natural wonderland in Hamilton Parish is known locally as Tom Moore's Jungle, named for the celebrated Irish poet who wrote some of his best-known works here while sitting under a calabash tree. Walking along the woodland trails, under a dense canopy of trees and lush vegetation, you may indeed feel that you're exploring a jungle paradise.

Blue Pools & Grottos

Credit: Pei Ketron

Throughout the reserve, a network of walking trails will lead you to many stunning natural attractions, including Blue Hole Park, home to the deep, crystal-clear mangrove pond for which it is named. Here you'll also discover Causeway Cave, a deep-water grotto fed by the tides of Castle Harbour and a favourite spot for swimming, snorkelling and rock climbing.

Blue Hole Park and the entire Walsingham Nature Reserve are land and sea treasures, perfect for an off-the-beaten-path day of hiking, spelunking, snorkelling, swimming, or wildlife watching.

The Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves, Bermuda

Bermuda's Crystal Caves

Be sure to check out the Crystal Caves, among the largest and most famous caves in Bermuda. Cavers from around the world still come to explore the inner reaches and submerged passages of these spectacular limestone formations, with their dramatic stalactites, stalagmites and deep-blue pools, 120 feet below the surface.

Crystal Cave was discovered in 1905 when two young boys were searching for a lost cricket ball. Three years later, the breathtaking discovery was opened to the public. There is a fee for admission to Crystal and Fantasy Caves and a guided tour available.

Other notable caves in Walsingham Nature Reserve include Castle Grotto, Blue Grotto, Walsingham, Subway, Deep Blue, Vine and Fern Sink. All are part of a fascinating system of underwater caves.

Walking under a dense canopy of trees, you may feel that you're exploring a jungle paradise.