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Exploring the Bermuda Arboretum

If you're into flora, fauna and fitness, this Bermuda national park is for you.

Bermuda Arboretum

Explore the Bermuda Arboretum's walking trails

The Bermuda Arboretum is a spacious 22-acre expanse of wildflower meadows and forests, with walking trails that feature 20 exercise stations along the path. With its wide-open spaces and rich variety of natural habitats, the park attracts walkers, runners, picnickers and birdwatchers.

The Arboretum is located in Devonshire on inland property now managed by Bermuda's Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. The park was first established with horticultural specimens from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, sent by Queen Elizabeth II, as well as saplings obtained from Japan, New Guinea and Canada.

Bermuda Arboretum

Bermuda Arboretum

Walking through the Arboretum today you'll see cedar trees, flowing golden acacias, exotic rubber trees, black ebony and avocado trees. Distinct sections of the park include wildflower meadows, a large collection of conifer trees, cherry forests, and Bermuda and Chinese Fan palms. The Arboretum is also a noted bird sanctuary, home to cardinals, rare bluebirds, white-eyed vireo and kiskadees.

Walk through the Arboretum and see exotic rubber trees, wildflower meadows, cherry forests and many species of birds.

As you walk, look for a picturesque Bermuda cedar bridge that crosses over small pools leading deeper into the park. Admission to the Arboretum is free.