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Cup Match Time in Bermuda

Cup Match, one of Bermuda's biggest events of the year, takes place over two days in summer. The event is centered around a heated cricket match between two island rivals, St. George’s and Somerset. This year's event takes place July 28 - 29 at the Somerset Cricket Club.

The Rivalry

Bermudians take cricket seriously, and they’re not alone. Even though it’s not as well known in the U.S., cricket is the second-most popular sport in the world, with 120 million people playing all over the globe. Cup Match is a great opportunity to fall in love with cricket (if you haven't already).

Trophies awarded for the winning Cup Match team in Bermuda

Trophies awarded for the winning Cup Match team

It all began back in 1901, when two “Friendly Societies” began competing for a silver cup. The match became so important to Bermudians that it was made a public holiday in the 1940s.

The highly anticipated game is played over two days as teams from Somerset, the West End of the island, and St. George's, the East End, face off. Somerset supporters wear red and blue while St. George’s supporters sport dark blue and light blue. The Cup Match Venue alternates annually between Somerset Cricket Club in Sandy’s Parish and St. George’s Cricket Club, Wellington Slip Road, St. George’s. 

Emancipation Day

Playing cricket in Bermuda

Cricket is beloved in Bermuda

The match is important, of course – but Cup Match is about more than just cricket. Emancipation Day coincides with the first day of Cup Match, giving locals and visitors a chance to recognize one of the most significant moments in Bermuda’s history: the abolition of enslavement on the island on August 1,1834.

Emancipation Day is followed by a second public holiday, Mary Prince Day, named after a once enslaved Bermudian who became a hero of the abolitionist movement in Britain.

Cup Match Parties & Events

It’s all about celebration during Cup Match Weekend, with a bit of quirkiness thrown in for good measure. Local Cuisine is an integral part of the festival atmosphere. Try fried fish, conch, mussel and beef pies. Families deck out their “camps” on the match grounds. Each carries a feeling of its own – an infectious, unforgettable festival spirit – if you’re lucky enough to be invited inside. At the game, fashions are coordinated around team colours – red and dark blue for Somerset, light blue and dark blue for St. George’s.

Crown & Anchor

A game of Crown & Anchor, bets on the table with hands at play
Cricket isn’t the only game played during Cup Match.  You can try your luck at Crown & Anchor, a simple dice game that was traditionally played by sailors in the Royal Navy. It’s a fun, easy way to make a little tax-free cash!