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Bermuda’s Top Food Tours & Experiences

From a foraging tour to an ultra-glam picnic, these dining concepts put their own tasty twist on Bermudian cuisine.

A custom picnic spread from Eettafel

A custom picnic spread from Eettafel

Bermudian food is inspired by a unique combination of global influences and an incredible natural bounty of fresh produce and seafood. Let these food tours and experiences immerse you in the delicious side of island culture.

Explore the City by the Bite 

L'Oriental Hibachi Chef, Bermuda

L'Oriental hibachi chef

Whet your appetite as you take in the tales of Bermuda’s historic cities. To sample Hamilton’s eateries – both on and off Front Street – join Bermuda Food Tours, which treats guests to the likes of everything from Hog Penny Pub to L’Oriental to Gosling’s. You’ll learn about the city’s history and architecture between stops. 

Gosling's® Dark Rum in Bermuda

Gosling's Dark Rum

For a two-wheel tour of some of the delightful dining spots between Hamilton and St. George's, join East End Eats for an excursion that visits Art Mel's Spicy Dicy, OM Juicery and more.

The mural outside OM Juicery

OM Juicery in Hamilton

Sip & Savor Bermuda, meanwhile, offers guests an off-the-beaten-path glimpse at the island’s culinary scene. Available experiences include a Dockyard to Hamilton bus tour that stops at beloved favourites and hidden gems as well as a walking tour of Hamilton. They can also arrange private tours.

Foraging & Farm Tours

A sign outside Wadson's Farm

Wadson's Farm

Bermuda’s natural beauty is amazing to behold, and the soil underlying it yields a cornucopia of sumptuous Bermudian staples, from hearty onions to tender loquats. There’s nothing like experiencing these flavours at their source. Join vegan chef Doreen Williams James on a foraging tour of the Bermudian countryside. Sample dishes made with prickly pear, fennel and other ingredients found along the way at the cooking demo that follows the tour. 

A greenhouse at Wadson's Farm

Wadson's Farm

Learn about sustainable farming in Bermuda with a tour of Wadson’s Farm, an eco-conscious farm where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the greenhouses and animal enclosures, and even meet some of the farm’s resident goats.

On Saturdays, the Bermuda Farmers’ Market at Bermuda Botanical Gardens is the place to be. Pick up homegrown produce and home-made goodies like spiced popcorn, loquat chutney, pepper jelly and local honey. Afterward, take a look around the garden’s grounds, where you’ll find lush palm and tropical fruit gardens

Luxe Picnic Experience

Bermuda beach picnic

A luxury beach picnic by Eettafel

For a bespoke, incredibly photogenic dining experience, opt for a full-service luxury picnic. Provider Eettafel will curate a custom farm-to-table spread or grazing table for the meal or gathering of your choice.

A custom picnic spread from Eettafel

A custom picnic spread from Eettafel

Private Chef-Made Meals

Chef Matt Pridham

Chef Matt Pridham

Bermuda is a place like no other, so why not spring for a dining experience like no other? The island is home to some seriously talented chefs, many of whom will create wonderful, made-from-scratch meals for private groups and serve it at the venue of your choice. Looking for libations for your celebration? Elevate your happy hour with a personal mixologist. 

Café Culture in St. George’s

Sweet SAAK Bakery, a black-owned business in Bermuda

Sweet treats at Sweet SAAK bakery in the Town of St. George

It’s easy to spend hours strolling among the historic, pastel-hued buildings of Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, even that much-needed morning or afternoon pick-me-up is a cultural experience. If it’s a Wednesday or Saturday morning, stop by family-run Sweet Saak Bakery first thing to grab some freshly baked cinnamon rolls before they sell out.

Take Afternoon High Tea

Cakes for Afternoon Tea

A high-tea spread in the garden at Bermuda Perfumery

With its strong British cultural influences, it’s only natural that Bermudians observe high tea – and do so in style. Crown & Anchor, a restaurant at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, serves it every day alongside breathtaking views of Hamilton Harbour. On the East End, you’ll find high tea service in the back garden at the Bermuda Perfumery. Enjoy herbal infusions served alongside scones topped with local jam and Chantilly cream.

Catch & Cook Spiny Lobster

Spiny Lobster fishing in Bermuda

Spiny lobster season runs September through March

September marks the start of spiny lobster season in Bermuda. Smaller than its distant cousin, the Maine lobster, and with a harder shell and no claws, it’s known for its tender meat found mostly in its tail, legs and antennae. Through March, restaurants serve the crustacean in dishes such as chowder, spring rolls and ravioli with cream sauce. An exciting way to enjoy it is to catch it alongside a licensed local lobster diver, then cook it back on shore (pro tip: don't forget the butter). If you’re short on time but craving a cook-your-own experience, head to the fishermen's stands near Burchall Cove in Hamilton Parish to purchase lobster fresh off the boat.