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Bermuda Innovators: How Natasha Tucker is Moving Sustainable Fashion Forward

With a focus on luxury and sustainability, Rêve En Vert supplies stylish staples without sacrificing environmental responsibility. Bermuda native Natasha Tucker discusses her company and its commitment to keeping it local, ethical and independent.

Pieces from the sustainable collection from Reve en Vert, Bermuda

Sustainable fashion from Rêve en Vert

Looking good is important. So is doing good. That's where Rêve En Vert comes in.

Founded by Bermudian Natasha Tucker and her partner Cora Hilts in 2013, Rêve En Vert offers an online marketplace full of sustainable fashion. When you purchase from this luxury retailer, you can be assured that it is produced ethically, often with sustainable materials and fair-trade practices.  

Natasha Tucker, owner of Reve en Vert in Bermuda

Natasha Tucker, owner of Rêve en Vert

The idea to "dream in green" – as the store's French name suggests – has caught on. In 2015, Tucker and Hilts were included in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list, joining the ranks of young entrepreneurs who are "reinventing how we shop, online and off." 

We chatted with Tucker about Rêve En Vert's past, present and future… and why there's no place like Bermuda.

The Story of Rêve En Vert

The reason we founded Rêve En Vert was to be a part of a positive solution in driving the message of sustainability forward. We wanted to give people an alternative way of shopping, where they could always feel good about their purchases, without having to sacrifice style for ethics. It has always been very important to my business partner and I to provide something to people that was positive and empowering, rather than framing any of the company's messaging in negativity.

Pieces from the sustainable collection from Reve en Vert, Bermuda

Sustainable pieces from Rêve en Vert

Making it on the Forbes List

We were really honoured to be a part of it. It wasn't something that either of us expected. It was really inspiring to be a part of a group of young people working so hard in driving businesses that were largely based out of a place of social good as well. It was something that we came away from feeling really proud to take part in.

Future Goals

One of our goals is to collaborate with other influencers to promote the conversation of sustainability and to really make people understand that this is an important one to be having. We also want to move the company into a luxury sphere and continue to curate and push the boundaries of how sustainability and luxury can coexist.

The idea is to dream in green as the store's French name suggests.

How Bermuda Sparks Creativity & Innovation

It's a place I come back to reconnect with, and to be surrounded by natural beauty. It is something that always reminds me of the mission of Rêve En Vert and how important it is that we look after the environment. I always leave feeling as though I have reset somehow and am further inspired to get back to work.