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Holiday Shopping in Bermuda: A Gift Guide for All 5 Senses

This holiday season, give your loved ones gifts that will invoke the sights, sounds, scents, textures and tastes that enchanted you during your stay in Bermuda.

Front Street, City of Hamilton

Front Street, City of Hamilton

You're returning from your amazing Bermuda adventure with tonnes of photos and stories – but don't you wish you could jbottle up the wonderful sensations you experienced out here to share with friends and family over the holidays? Well, you can with these uniquely Bermudian gifts.

Sight: Inspired by Island Beauty

If you were to ask anyone to describe Bermuda in one word, invariably, you'd get essentially the same response: beautiful. So it's no wonder local artists and artisans are always creating things that reflect the island's natural and cultural beauty. 

The paintings of Robert Bassett are vivid and imaginative, full of bright colours and unique perspectives, just like Bermuda itself. They’re dreamlike for a reason – Bassett says his primary artistic inspiration comes from his dreams. His visions are a great gift idea for any art lover in your life. Artist Lisa-Anne Rego’s paintings also captures Bermuda's vibrant beauty with works depicting island landscapes, architecture and street scenes. At her Royal Naval Dockyard studio/gallery, you can see a wide variety of her work and pick out the perfect painting to put under the tree this year.

Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery in Bermuda
Credit: Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery

If you're in Hamilton, stop by Alexandra Mosher Studio for pieces that expertly incorporate pink sand and other island elements. The textures and minimalist style of AiryHeights Jewellery, meanwhile, add a touch of Bermuda elegance to every ensemble. Inspired by the island’s plants and shells, artist and designer Elisa Stubbs crafts earrings, pins, bracelets, necklaces, rings and cufflinks that make great gifts. The husband-and-wife team DavidRose – David and Rose, of course – create bridal jewellery, one-of-a-kind statement pieces and luxury silver jewellery. Pay a visit to the couple at their historic Town of St. George design studio to feast your eyes on their latest beauties, and pick up a truly romantic gift.

Bring Home the Sounds of Bermuda     

Joy T Barnum's musical inspiration in Bermuda

With its intriguing mix of cultural influences, Bermuda was bound to have a great music scene – and you can bring home the sounds of Bermuda-born musicians.

One of Bermuda’s most beloved singer/songwriters, Joy T. Barnum brings a soulful feel to every note. Pick up her music while you're on island, or check out her website for albums and samples – playing Joy’s music on a winter day delivers Bermuda sunshine no matter where you’re spending your holidays. Go on a video tour of Joy’s Bermuda.

Another voice to look out for: that of Bermuda native Heather Nova, who sings her haunting melodies across the globe. Or, bring home the laid-back, uke-heavy tunes of Mike Hind, known on-island as Uncle Elvis.

Heavenly Scents: from Perfume to Bermuda Cedar

Your time on island will surely be filled with lovely sea breezes tinged with hints of the island's flowers and herbs you'd love to bring home with you. Master perfumer Isabelle Ramsey-Brackstone's fragrances capture the essence of Bermuda at the Bermuda Perfumery in St. George's. Notes of wind, fresh salt spray of the ocean and luscious flowers are her signatures. The sweet and sultry South Water transports you to a secluded Bermuda beach. Coral lends a gentle sea breeze and the scent of Bermuda freesia blossoms to the wearer. And the romantic, citrusy Mary Celestia was meticulously re-created from a 150-year-old perfume discovered recently in a Bermuda shipwreck.

The iconic and aromatic Bermuda cedar tree (Juniperus bermudiana) has been a cornerstone of island life for more than four centuries – the original castaways who settled the island used the material to build the Deliverance and Patience to get to Jamestown, their planned destination. The Littlest Drawbridge Gift Shop at the Royal Naval Dockyard offers handmade cedar treasures – everything from boxes, pens, goblets, vases and bowls, as well as sachets, cedar essential oils and incense cones.

Touchable Delights

TABS store

TABS store

| Credit: Catherine White

Putting on a pair of Bermuda shorts is like stepping into summer – the perfect antidote to your loved one's winter blues. Bermudian Rebecca Hanson has given classic Bermuda shorts a fashion-forward spin with TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts), available for both men and women. Pick up a pair for under the tree, and maybe even for yourself.

Bodycare products are always a win, and Bermuda's got some excellent locally crafted options. Genelle John, the mastermind behind Salt Spray Soap Co., makes handmade soaps, body butters, salt scrubs and lip balms – everything anyone needs to get that fresh Bermuda feeling, even if they’re far away from the island. The colours and design of her soaps – with a lovely map of Bermuda carved into each bar – will put a smile on every face.

Don't forget gifts for the kids. Always a winner: plush stuffed sea creatures from the gift shops at Dolphin Quest and Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo.

Island Flavours They'll Crave

If you have a gift recipient in mind who likes it hot, this is perfect. Bermuda Gombey Pepper Jams (named for the island’s famously colourful Gombey dancers) blend fruit, spices and chillis like jalapeños and Scotch bonnet peppers into sweet spreads with a tinge of heat.

Far from your average popcorn. Savory Kernels offers more than 70 gourmet varieties of this beloved snack – everything from tried-and-true caramel corn to offbeat concoctions like Jalapeño-Ranch and Piña Colada.

Always a hit, cocktail components are easy to take back with you. Goslings Black Seal Rum is the key ingredient in the island’s two signature drinks, the Dark ‘n Stormy and the Rum Swizzle – both of which will get any holiday party started in proper fun fashion. Don’t feel like mixing things up? Don’t worry – you can get Goslings Dark ‘n Stormys in cans.

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