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Your ultimate search for historic wonders and architectural treasures on an island paradise begins right here.

Ultimate Bermuda History & Architecture Itinerary

Below is a suggested itinerary for your ultimate Bermuda History & Architecture Holiday.

Day One – Open the History Book

Travel to the east and spend a day in the historic town of St. George where you can wander narrow streets with names such as Old Maid’s Lane, Printer’s Alley and Featherbed Alley. Begin your tour of St. George with a visit to the World Heritage Centre. Pay a visit to the St. George Historical Society Museum, the Bermuda National Trust Museum and the Bermudian Heritage Museum.

On Ordinance Island stands a statue of Sir George Somers and a replica of the Deliverance.

From Ordinance Island, it is a short walk to St. Peter’s Church, the oldest continually operating Anglican church in the New World. With many other points of interests including the State House, Tucker House Museum, the Unfinished Church, Fort St. Catherine and the Alexandra Battery, the Town of St. George is a great introduction into Bermuda’s history and architecture.

Day Two – The Table of Contents

Today head to the west and the Royal Naval Dockyard. In addition to great restaurants, gift shops, crafts and Snorkel Park Beach, the Royal Naval Dockyard is home to the National Museum of Bermuda incorporating the Bermuda Maritime Museum.

A short bus ride will take you to Fort Scaur and Springfield which is one of Bermuda’s architectural treasures. Continuing on the bus route you will pass over the Somerset Bridge, the smallest operating drawbridge in the world.

Day Three – The Meat of the Story

With your transportation pass in hand, utilize our pink and blue buses to tour Bermuda’s historical homes. Waterville, this elegant house built in 1725, is headquarters to the Bermuda National Trust. Verdmont House Museum, built in 1710, is a unique example of early Georgian architecture. It has remained virtually unchanged for 300 years.

Day Four – The Index

Explore the city of Hamilton. Begin with a visit to the Anglican Cathedral; built of native stone and imported Caen stone, the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity was designed by William Hay of Edinburgh in Restoration Gothic style. This inspiring accomplishment is a "living landmark" of art and artisanship. A short walk will take you to Sessions House, an 1815-era Georgian building where the House of Assembly and Supreme Court meet. On Queen Street, you will find Perot Post Office, headquarters of 19th century Postmaster William B, Perot, producer of the first Bermudian postage stamp. Also on Queen Street is the Bermuda Historical Society Museum, home to an impressive collection of antique artifacts.