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Tourism Experiences Investment Process

Let’s leave a lasting memory on Bermuda’s visitors that differentiates our island from all the rest. The Bermuda Tourism Authority wants to financially support and empower entrepreneurs that create new or enhanced tourism experiences.  The ideal tourism experience authentically connects visitors to a unique and memorable piece of Bermuda’s island life.


  • Art, Culture & Food – An experience that shows off the richness of Bermuda’s culture

  • Entertainment – Memorable, authentically Bermudian entertainment experiences

  • Sports Events – Attract visitors during shoulder season, utilising existing facilities and natural resources

  • New – Unique experience that appeals to younger, more experiential travellers


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SUCCESSFUL 2017 Tourism Experiences

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is pleased to publish the list of successful experiences for the 2017 Tourism Experience Investment initiative. The experiences identified for investment demonstrated alignment with the Bermuda National Tourism Plan objectives, with emphasis in the areas of Sports, Arts and Culture, and New Experiences. 


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